Do you worry that you’re never going to have a fulfilling sex life?

Is it possible you’re a lousy sexual partner without knowing it?

And for as much as we think about sex, why are most guys so ignorant when it comes to being good lovers?

Christiane Pelmas is back to talk about how to build sexual confidence, how your sex life is related to success, and why you may want to masturbate even more.

In this interview:

  • Playing small sexuallymagnificent-lover
  • Guys who feel insecure/inadequate sexually
  • Building sexual confidence
  • Where do we learn about sex?
  • Giving ourselves permission to enjoy ourselves sexually


  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Premature Ejaculation
  • Women not feeling desire or turn-on
  • Being turned on about life
  • Taking a stand for a fulfilling sex life


  • How sexual health impacts success in every area of our lives
  • Feeling pressure to perform sexually
  • Fear, anxiety and sex
  • The reason why most folks aren’t satisfied sexually
  • Learning practical sex skills, understanding her body


  • Getting experience with women to practice
  • Why and how you may want to masturbate more
  • What to do today to improve your sex life – even if you’re alone

About Christiane Pelmas, MSW, CSB


Christiane Pelmas is an educator, coach, mentor and guide in private practice for more than two decades, working with couples and individuals in traditional and non-traditional settings. Coming from a hybrid background in Venture Capital, high-tech start-ups, activism, non-profit consulting and both traditional therapy & alternative modalities she has honed an impressive array of relevant skills which position her to be uniquely available as a guide and ‘inspirateur’/Muse for men in our culture.

Christiane is the founder of pioneering work called “ReWilding” focusing on the cultivation, care and feeding of our Erotic Intelligence – the measure of our capacity for primary intimate relationship with The World itself; the natural world around and within each of us.
Christiane is also the founder and Executive Director of The Global Culture of Women, a non-profit dedicated to resurrecting the language and culture of women’s wisdom across the globe. She is the author of Women’s Wisdom Card Deck & Guidebook.

Christiane received her Master’s in Clinical Social Work from Smith College School for Social Work (1992) and her Certification in Sexological Bodywork from the Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality (2010).

Christiane is co-founder and lead instructor for the Magnificent Lover Course and The Women’s Temple Collective. She is a supervisor and senior-level psychotherapist / mentor / guide in her community of Boulder, Colorado where she maintains a full private practice, writes and teaches. She is a mother, a sister and a devout lover of The World.