Are you bored or feeling unfulfilled by your daily life?

Do you imagine you’d have to make some big scary change in order to turn it around?

And what’s a way to instantly defeat procrastination?

Today you’re going to hear an actual coaching call where one man beats procrastination, fear, and self-doubt in a matter of minutes. And you’ll also hear how he was able to focus on positively impacting the lives of others in the process.

This is Transformation – This is Not an Interview

This is a unique episode of The New Man. It’s an excerpt from a live group coaching call. The caller had a malignant brain tumor removed the previous year and since then has struggled to find his way.

He’s been dealing with self doubt, procrastination, confusion. He knows he wants to positively impact others and do something meaningful. And he’s been scared to take action.

This is a Glimpse into The Hero’s Journey.

In this call he overcomes his fear and doubt in the moment. He gains clarity and he takes action. The result? He feels more alive. He’s more confident. He’s amazed at how simple and easy the process really is.

What if that was true for you, too?

What if the thing that is holding you back isn’t really that scary? What if taking action could be fun and invigorating? What if the worst part was sitting back waiting for permission to move forward?

How could you make a simple change like this today?

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In this recording:

  • Dealing with self doubt
  • Overcoming procrastination
  • Taking action even if you’re not sure what to do


  • “Should I write a book?”
  • Building confidence
  • Picking yourself back up after falling down


  • Finding meaning in helping others
  • Doing what lights you up
  • Taking risks

Click here to learn more about coaching with Tripp Lanier.