Pardon my french, but I can look back at the big turning points of my life and I can recall saying the same thing after each one:

“You can f—king do that?!?”

I would say that right after my mind had been blown. Right after I saw the impossible made possible.

At that very moment a new flap on the menu had just been revealed. Up to that point, I had been tolerating chicken fingers with honey mustard at every meal. Now it was time to order the filet mignon with a slab of melting butter! Let’s do this!

I said it when I realized I could start a business at 22 years old — after finishing art school. That seemed impossible to me.

I said it when I realized I could design that business to allow me to play music professionally, travel, and live anywhere I chose to. That seemed impossible to me.

I said it when I realized I could make great money and support my family by helping people all around the world do amazing things with their lives. That seemed impossible to me.

Many of us are trained to look around and basically follow the herd. For many this is perfectly fine. No problem.

But for a few of us, following the herd is not a recipe for feeling alive, fulfilled, or free. And if we’re only looking to the herd for our options, we’re going to always feel limited.

If we’re willing to be bold, if we’re willing to follow our own path, our own inner authority, our own way — who knows where we’ll end up?

I seek out the folks who are living this way. These people inspire me because they expand the menu. And they remind me that the impossible is possible if you’re willing to look beyond the herd and do the things that excite you.

“You can fucking do that?!?”

Oh yes — yes you can. Drop the excuses and look hard enough. Then you’ll see.


PS My next coaching group is starting up in August.

I’m filling it with guys who refuse to follow the herd. They’re creating their own unique path in service of greater freedom, power, money, and impact.

This group isn’t for everyone. Not all who apply will get in. If you’re interested in learning more, please click here and answer a few questions. I look forward to hearing from you.