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“There’s no way I could do that. My wife would never be on board.”

“There’s no way I could create a business that would allow me and my family to be location independent. Not at this stage of my career.”

“There’s no way I could find a way to shift my work into something more meaningful. My firm is stuck in its ways.”

My job as a coach is pretty simple. I simply refuse to believe your limiting stories. These are the scary things you tell yourself so that you won’t be able to create the life you truly want.

Here’s why I don’t believe them:

I see you as the product of ancestors who did some seriously crazy shit. Who knows what boat or horse or dinosaur they rode through danger and uncertainty to create a better life? That crazy, balls-y-ness is in your blood. It’s written in your DNA.

Even if those ancestors unfortunately traveled vast distances against their will, they had the strength to endure and face what seemed impossible.

You, me, all of us — we’re standing on the shoulders of the impossible.

It seems foolish now that at one time everyone believed the Earth was flat. History is littered with foolish beliefs about what was real or possible.

So what if the story you tell yourself — the one that holds you back today — is just as foolish?

Here’s my question for you:

Which side of history will you be on — the guys that avoid foolish limitations or those crazy sombitches who forge a new possibility?


PPS Speaking of impossible — someone sent me this video of a hoverboard yesterday — A HOVERBOARD! It was once thought impossible. And now it’s a reality.