I’ve worked with so many folks over the years and their stories often go something like this:

“Much of my life is so boring and flat. I have this sense that I’m meant to do something bigger. But I’m not sure what that is. And besides this ‘Thing’ (said disdainfully) is getting in the way!”

That ‘Thing’ may be an event in their past, a troubled relationship, a health problem, a financial burden.

Sound familiar?

So let’s cut straight to the end of the book. Here’s how it usually pans out:

That ‘Thing’ that we’re trying to avoid is the doorway to how we positively and meaningfully impact others.

Click here to read a great example from Izzy Paskowitz who used to run away from the challenge of parenting an autistic child. He discussed how a meltdown turned into what enabled him to connect with his son doing what he loves — surfing.

IMG_1164He’s since turned that revelation into a small army that travels around taking autistic children surfing. Over the last decade thousands and thousands of children and their parents have been positively impacted.

I volunteered at one of these surf camps yesterday and as I stood in the water catching surfboards and smiling kids the tears ran down my face. My heart was blasted wide open as they experienced something that was so powerful and beautiful and simple.

That ‘Thing’ we’re trying to outrun or avoid isn’t a distraction. It’s the gold. It’s the path.


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