“If I don’t keep pushing, I’m going to get left behind.”

“If I slow down, someone else is going to eat my lunch.”

“If I back off, I’m going to become irrelevant.”

I don’t like to admit it, but these thoughts enter my head from time to time.

My work and life are designed for greater simplicity, ease, and freedom. But my fears – left unchecked – are rooting for complexity, urgency, and anxiety.

So much of my work is about helping others give themselves permission to let go of those fears and step boldly into freedom.

But freedom isn’t on the other side of some achievement. It’s something we simply claim – in this moment.

So as I remind myself, feel free to remind yourself, too:

It’s okay to slow down.

It’s okay to relax.

It’s okay to find your own pace.

This is a long walk. There’s no need to run.

There’s no need to take freedom away from ourselves.


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