As a young guitarist, I used to find a lot of meaning playing music by myself for hours alone in my bedroom. That got boring after a while.

Why? Because I’d joined a band. That’s where we felt most alive and connected — those moments where we clicked together and magic would happen. We were pirates, set out to conquer every stank ass night club we could find! It was us against the world!

And at some point that ran its course. What became most rewarding and meaningful was creating music that helped us connect with our audience. It wasn’t just about what excited me or my bandmates on stage — It was about what excited all of us.

I. We. All of Us.

When I talk to guys who have created some level of success, many of them are struggling. “Now what?” they’re asking themselves.

They’re often stuck because they’re still looking at the future through the lens that they started with. Joe started out proving to himself how well he could do on his own. David felt like it was his small company — a band of pirates! — against the world.

And that ran its course.

So where these guys come alive again is when they take their existing skill set — to raise funds, build extraordinary teams, create killer offerings — and create something that excites them *and* the folks they truly care about.

This path is bold. It’s courageous. After all, it’s much safer — and much more boring — to just keep doing the same old thing.

But the fire and meaning return when they express more of who they truly are — in a way that impacts those they truly care about.

I. We. All of Us.


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