“I’ve lost my mojo. I don’t know where to find it.”

Many times when we’ve lost our mojo, we retreat and wait for it to show up. This is scary.

“Will I ever feel strong again?”

But our mojo isn’t found on the sidelines or in the stands. Our mojo is found on the playing field.

It’s where there’s an energetic exchange. It requires us to put some skin in the game first.

And this is followed by a return. When we’re open to receive, that energetic return fuels us. It’s how the mojo comes back. No return = no mojo.

It’s challenging because if our mojo is low, we’re less likely to invest the energy or try new things.

If our mojo is diminished it’s because we’re hesitant to experiment with what fuels us or we’re not allowing ourselves to receive.

What would make you feel stronger today? A nap? A good conversation? Making that scary phone call? Giving yourself something you’ve been pushing away?

Let’s see.

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