Why have fun first?

Because using pressure and pain and fear is a lazy way to motivate ourselves. It’s less effective, too.

So what’s more effective?

On a recent call with one of my coaching groups we were discussing how play has helped them do amazing things in the past.

“When I just let go of needing to get the win I absolutely crushed it.”

“When I allowed myself to enjoy the process I surprised myself with how easy it was.”

“When I didn’t care what others were thinking things just seemed to fall into place.”

Each guy told some story about how, when he took the pressure off and simply allowed himself to have fun that he performed at his best.

We each have our own style of fun.

It may be friendly competition, or seeing how long you can keep a streak alive, or (if you’re like me) doing something so funny that you piss your pants.

Most of us have experienced this truth, and yet we slide back into using pressure, fear, or self-abuse to get going.

But you don’t have to be one of those zombies who hasn’t had fun since he found his first dick-hair.

If you really want to do your best – put fun first.

And now I’ll leave you with a very serious, very dignified observation one of my coaching group members made:

“When we lighten the f**k up sh*t works out better.”

Well said,

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