Today I ran an experiment with my coaching groups. I asked them to share the most reassuring thing they could hear, what they would most want to know.

You know what it was?

They wanted to hear, “Everything is okay. You’re okay. You’re going to be okay.”

This was also the thing I most wanted to hear. How great would it be to hear this, to know this?

So I pushed it further and asked them how they would live their lives differently if they knew they were already okay, that they would be okay no matter what?

Their response?

“I’d focus more on what really matters. I’d focus on what I really want. I wouldn’t focus on the stuff that isn’t important.”

The word focus came up again and again.

Our worries and fears have us scanning for threats. This is what prey animals do. Zebras and antelopes have eyes on the side of their head so they can scan for threats all around them.

But where are our eyes? In the front of our head. Like a lion. Like a tiger. YES!

We’re designed to focus forward. We’re designed to go for what we want.

And we weaken ourselves when we forget that we’re at the top of the food chain. We dilute our focus, our time, our energy, our power.

Three questions for you:

What if most of the “threats” you’re focusing on are not really threats at all? (News flash: They’re not.)

What if, instead of living like some herd or prey animal, you remembered that you’re at the top of the food chain?

And how would you live differently if you knew that you were already okay and that you would be okay no matter what?


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