If you don’t like the options in your life, chances are it’s because you’re ordering from the menu. As if the menu of life could ever be an all purpose, one-size-fits-all kind of thing.

But just because there’s a menu doesn’t mean you have to be another face in the crowd who is limited by it.

For the bold, there’s a simple two step process that follows:

1. Put in the effort to stretch your imagination. “If I don’t like what I see here, then what would be a hell yes for me?”

Many times we’re just plain lazy. We choose the role of follower. We push this burden off on others. “You decide where we’re eating today” or “I’ll have whatever he’s having.” This is a recipe for chronic dissatisfaction.

(And beware of the trap that says your request has to be perfect, foolproof, or well-planned. A hunch is more than enough. Enthusiasm and curiosity are far more valuable.)

Next step…

2. Make the request. It’s one thing to know what we want and it’s another thing to put it out there. It’s vulnerable. We may get shot down. We may get a weird look. We may ruffle feathers. Big deal. But as the saying goes, “Don’t ask. Don’t get.”

For whatever you’re wanting in life, chances are you know the chef (gatekeeper) or you know someone who does. If history favors the bold then make the effort to clarify what you want and make that bold request.

After all, you can always go back to the menu.