I’m far from a pessimist but let’s face it: this “new year, new me” bandwagon is usually a shit-show. It creates a false sense of urgency and distracts us from the most important stuff.

Wanna know what that is? Let’s find out.

Create two lists.

List #1 “Stuff I should do to make 2016 super amazing!”

List #2 “I feel most happy, satisfied, and truly fulfilled when I do this stuff.”

Oh yeah — there’s usually quite a gap between these two lists. But what if you had the huevos to focus most on what shows up on list #2?

Remember: The stuff that has us feel most happy, satisfied, and truly fulfilled isn’t always easy. It usually requires us to be bold – to say “no”, to rock the boat, to step out of our comfort zone.

Because of this, we’re rarely in the mood to do what has us feel truly alive, free, peaceful, or connected with others.

Regardless, challenge list #1. Don’t let it become a distraction from list #2.

Get off the bandwagon — blaze your own trail,