Dr. Eric Goodman True to Form

Have you ever worried that you’ve made a big mistake with your life?

Are you unconsciously building yourself a fur-lined mousetrap?

And what if your ideal lifestyle is much cheaper than you imagine?

Dr. Eric Goodman is here to discuss his killer RV, how his physical pain became the doorway to a rewarding life of purpose, and his new book True to Form.

In this interview:

  • The late Dean Potter
  • DJ Chris Lake
  • How screens are breaking our bodies down
  • Your “fur-lined mousetrap”
  • Freedom and the RV lifestyle
  • Your ideal lifestyle is probably pretty cheap
  • Surfing with Brad Gerlach
  • Obsessed, self-doubt, anxiety, and rumination
  • Getting help from Chris Hemsworth

Click here to check out Dr. Eric Goodman’s new book True to Form.

About Dr. Eric Goodman True to Form

Eric Goodman True to FormRadical in its simplicity, Dr. Eric Goodman’s visionary approach to mindful movement corrects the complacent adaptations that lead to back and joint pain, and teaches us to harness the body’s natural movement patterns into daily activities to make us fit, healthy, and pain free.

Our sedentary lifestyle has led to an epidemic of chronic pain. By adapting to posture and movement that have us out of balance—including sitting all day at a keyboard, tilting our heads forward to look at our phones—we consistently compromise our joints, give our organs less room to function, and weaken our muscles. How we hold and live in our bodies is fundamental to our overall health, and the good news is that we all hold the key to a healthier body.

Dr. Goodman has spent years studying human physiology and movement. He has trained world-class athletes for better performance, and has healed people of all ages and occupations of lifelong debilitating pain. His theory of self-healing is now available to everyone. His practical program trains the posterior muscle chain—shoulders, back, butt, and legs—shifting the burden of support away from joints and putting it back where it belongs: into large muscle groups.

Filled with helpful diagrams and sixty color photographs, True to Form shows readers how to successfully integrate these powerful movements into everyday life—from playing with the kids to washing dishes to long hours in the office—transforming ordinary physical actions into active and mindful movements that help to eliminate pain, up your game, or simply feel more energetic. True to Form shows you how to move better, breathe better, and get back to using your body the way nature intended.

Click here to check out Dr. Eric Goodman’s new book True to Form.