How To Be A Badass: Learn From Bruce Lee

Does being a badass mean you don’t have a heart?

Is what you see in Bruce Lee movies all there is to him?

And would you ever think to call Bruce Lee a New Age wuss?

Tripp Lanier, Coach and Host of The New Man Podcast talks about Bruce Lee and why he was a badass. Bruce Lee philosophy can help you be badass in your own life, but requires you look at Bruce Lee as more than just a movie star. He was on a path to be an integrated man, a thinker with heart, a whole person. If anyone is qualified to tell you if you are a badass or not, it’s Bruce Lee.

In this video:

  • How Bruce Lee used mindset to think boldly
  • His search for the best way instead of the ‘right way’
  • How he challenged the facade of ‘being a man’
  • Bruce Lee’s relationship to his emotional world
  • His connection to something bigger


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