Get a Growth Mindset: You Need A Montage

Are shortcuts and hacks going to help you reach your goals?

Is feeling frustration a sign that you should throw the towel in?

And, how can having a growth mindset help you achieve your goals?

Tripp Lanier, coach and host of The New Man Podcast talks about a vital part of the growth mindset: The Montage. You need a montage, that slow and frustrating period of growth and development that is turned into a short, engaging snippet in popular shows and movies. In reality, the montage can be the long, drawn-out, and tedious part of creating the life you truly want. Don’t fall for the fixed mindset that tells you something should take days instead of months (or years). Stop self-sabotage and commit to going pro.

In this video:

  • Developing the growth mindset skill
  • How the A-team van was built in seconds
  • Recognizing when you’re in the montage
  • Why learning is the key to growth

Ditch the Rat Race.

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