Why You’re Not Getting Cool Opportunities: Learn How To Sell Yourself Better Than an Elevator Pitch

Are you feeling bored by your work and want to play a bigger game?

Do you want to work with people you admire and do work that matters?

And do you know how to sell yourself better than an elevator pitch so that it’s easy for others to help you find the cool opportunities you want?

Tripp Lanier, coach and host of The New Man Podcast talks about why you’re not getting cool opportunities and how learning how creating the story that others tell about you is your responsibility. Don’t let others be responsible for creating your opportunities.

In this video:

  • Why understanding the difference you make is important
  • Why being labeled a ‘nice guy’ is landing you in the ‘professional friend zone’
  • How not being responsible for your story keeps you stuck
  • How to share your story for more impact
  • Making it easy for your friends to talk about what you do