David Lee Roth – How To Have More Energy And Passion

Ever wonder how to have more energy or passion in your life?

Have you ever come out the other side of a life threatening situation feeling like you can crush the world with your bare hands?

And what do intellectuals dismiss and bored housewives secretly crave?

In this video I talk about that one time I went to a strip club with David Lee Roth. Tantalizing? Sure.

But I learned a valuable lesson in the process. If you’ve been wondering how to get more energy and passion for life, getting in touch with the wild man inside you may be the key.

In this video:

  • How David Lee Roth behaves at strip clubs
  • What you can learn from guys who cry, beat drums and name themselves after animals
  • Integrating the primal, growling, stinky, screwing part of ourselves
  • How we’re being domesticated to reject a big part of who we are
  • Learning how to lead a life with brain, balls, and heart