How to Fall in Love with Your Fear

If you feel sadness, guilt, fear, anxiety, or depression — does that mean something is wrong with you?

Are you waiting until your fear subsides before you do what you were put on this Earth to do?

And is it possible to use our fears as a guide to find the best that life has to offer?

Akshay Nanavati has battled addiction, PTSD, and chosen to run across every country on the planet. He’s also convinced that it’s time we start using our fears as a doorway to create the lives, professions, and relationships we truly want.

In this interview:

  • Why PTSD, anxiety, or depression doesn’t mean something is wrong with you
  • Finding a “worthy challenge”
  • What it means to “earn this life”
  • Why would he want to run across every country on the planet?
  • Steven Pressfield and the “shadow career”


  • How to fall in love with your fears
  • How to find peace on the other side of fear
  • The importance of creating missions
  • Anticipating and visualizing yourself moving through the tough stuff
  • Practical tips for facing your fears

Click here for Akshay Nanavati’s book FEARVANA: The Revolutionary Science of How to Turn Fear into Health, Wealth and Happiness.

About Akshay Nanavati

After overcoming drug addiction, alcoholism, PTSD from fighting the war in Iraq with the US Marines and recovering from the brink of suicide, Akshay Nanavati has since explored the most hostile environments on the planet, run ultramarathons and built a global business helping people live limitless lifestyles. Combining his life experience with years of research in science and spirituality, he wrote a book called Fearvana: The Revolutionary Science of How to Turn Fear Into Health, Wealth and Happiness. Of the book, The Dalai Lama said “Fearvana inspires us to look beyond our own agonizing experiences and find the positive side of our lives.”

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