Sex Tips for Men: How to Break Out of Your Sex Routine

Guest: Alyssa Morin

If you overheard your partner complaining about sex with you, what would they say?

Is your sex life stale, predictable, or routine?

And is it possible to course correct your sex life or do you have to change partners in order to create excitement again?

Somatic sex educator Alyssa Morin teaches men and women what we should have learned about sex ages ago. Today she’s going to help us learn the 3 keys to more enjoyable sex. Please note: This is a very explicit discussion (NSFW).

In this interview:

  • What are women complaining about when it comes to sex with men?
  • Is sex getting stale or predictable?
  • Why pressure to have an orgasm makes sex less pleasurable
  • Are you afraid to talk about sex with your partner?
  • What is a somatic sex educator?


  • What can you do if you’re not satisfied with your sex life?
  • Does your sex life belong to you or your partner?
  • Why trying to “get it right” kills the enjoyment of sex
  • How David Deida didn’t help my sex life
  • How to build arousal throughout the day

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About Alyssa Morin

Alyssa Morin Sex Tips for MenAs a kid and teenager, my sexual education consisted of, “wait until you’re married,” followed up with alarming information about STIs and the basics of reproduction. Nothing about pleasure or the complexities of intimate relationships. I felt profoundly alone when it came to sex and relationships, and totally mystified. I’d explored my own body enough to know what felt good, and I’d had a few lovers that had opened doors to new sexual pleasure for me, but I had a feeling more was possible if only I knew where to look – or touch.

About 6 years ago, I began looking for answers to all of my questions about sex, relationships, and what it means to be human. I wanted to push the edges of my sexuality to see what was true, where my no was, and what I actually wanted. I tried some wild things, made some messes, hurt people and myself, and slowly learned – thanks in large part to community and mentorship – how to responsibly explore sex and relationships.

As I was exploring, I accumulated skills and knowledge about the many dimensions of sex, pleasure, bodies, and relationships, that I now share with the world through in-person and virtual, hands-on, experiential work with individuals and couples, and in virtual courses. I feel called to provide people with the sexual education they never received so that they too can explore their sex and pleasure responsibly and enjoyably.

I weave together Somatic Sex Education, Zen meditation and insight, relating skills, somatic trauma work, and nature based soul work to provide my clients and students with a variety of angles and opportunities to explore their sexuality and themselves – from practical, applicable, matter-of-fact sex education and problem-solving, to sensual, inexorable, earth-shattering magick, to clear self-knowing.

Click here to learn more about Alyssa Morin’s course Aroused: The Keys to Her Pleasure.