One of the coaches I’m helping has been coaching for years and she’s wanting to level up her business so that she and her son can have a more spacious lifestyle.

As someone who has specialized in helping men and their relationships, she’s afraid that raising her rates will drive clients away. For years she’s been slowly raising her fees. But her ideal fees are still far out of reach.

Instead of inching her fees up a few months at a time, I challenged her to think about how her current skillset could be far more powerful — just by seeing it from a different perspective.

Understanding Your Power as a Coach

For years she had been helping men “step into their power” so that they could find the courage to, for example, walk up to an attractive woman at the coffee shop. She was good at this — so good that she was becoming bored with it.

But instead of limiting herself to the story that she only worked on “relationship stuff”, I challenged her to see where her skills could help someone live their dreams. In other words, where does “stepping into your power” have even greater value for someone?

What about the guy who is fearful to make his pitch to a group of investors? The woman who is uncertain about asking for the raise she deserves? The executive that dreams of forging his own professional path?

Essentially it’s the same process as gathering the gumption to go talk to the woman standing near the sugar and cream. But instead of getting a date, the desired outcome could mean millions of dollars of funding or the opportunity to create your professional dream.

Utilizing Your Existing Skillset to Provide More Value

By expanding her ability to truly understand what she offers, we can now see how that existing skillset — to help people step into their power — can suddenly create exponentially greater value. We can see how all of those years of helping people confront their inner doubts and fears can be used to do something on a much grander scale.

And with greater value comes the opportunity to earn greater fees. No BS. No hype.

This is just one example of the kind of challenge and support being offered in this year’s Group for Established Coaches (I really gotta get a fancier name). This is a small group for established coaches and therapist-types who are focused on making great money while delivering a ton of value to others. This is not a “head in the clouds” support group. It’s a practical, “get sh-t done” experience for a few coaches who are serious about doing the work.

Seats are very limited — no more than 5 are available. If you’d like more information then please click here to fill out a few questions.

Here’s to you providing a ton of value to others,

PS Here’s the link to learn more about this group for established coaches.