Coaching Practice: Why Most Coaches Won’t Experience 10X Growth

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Below is a transcription of this podcast:

Numbers can be impressive. But they don’t tell the whole story.

I’ve been coaching Joe Bernstein for the last year and a half. When we started working together he had made only $1,400 that month as a professional coach. This month alone (July 2018) he’s made over $14,000.

That’s quite an improvement — 10X to be exact — for just a year and a half. Especially when you consider that I almost didn’t allow Joe into the group because I was concerned that it might be too much of a stretch for him.

I’m glad I didn’t underestimate him. Working with him has validated 3 things we can all benefit from.

First, those amazing numbers tell a story but they don’t describe how Joe has chosen to be bold. Instead of playing small or finding ways to always play it safe, Joe has been willing to take risks and find his own fun and effective way to grow his coaching practice.

Second, those amazing numbers don’t describe Joe’s consistency. While most folks would be satisfied to do something bold and then sit on their ass for another few months, Joe has been taking effective action consistently.

And third, those amazing numbers don’t describe how Joe has stuck it out. It’s common for us to get excited about an idea, dick around with it for a while, and then chase the next shiny idea. This is a frustrating process that tends to lead us in circles. Joe has continued to stay grounded and work the process.

Yes — Joe’s 10X growth is impressive, but the real takeaway here is how he’s approaching the process of building his practice. He’s being bold, he’s being consistent, and he’s doing the work all while feeding his fun and fire.

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