Coaching Practice: Getting Referrals

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Below is a transcription of this podcast:

Let’s talk about why you’re not getting invitations or referrals for professional opportunities. And then we’ll talk about what you can do to turn that around.

Imagine someone you know is talking to your ideal prospect. At some point in the conversation the opportunity to refer you may come up.

Will they? After all, WHY should they refer you?

Do they even know what kind of impact you can bring professionally? Why should they put their credibility on the line? What positive impact are they sure you can have on this person’s life?

Let’s face it. They wanna look good. And they’re not going to risk their credibility if you might make them look bad. Nobody says, “You should hire my friend Dave. He’s just a really cool, nice guy.”

If you’re just a “cool” person to someone, then you’re in the “professional friend zone.” Sure, we may all like you, but you’re not gonna get any penetration.

We’re only going to be excited to refer this ideal prospect to you because we know the problems you solve and the difference you can make.

More often than not, when I talk to coaches or other professionals who aren’t getting referrals it’s because nobody really knows what to say. We’re leaving it up to this other person to figure out the problems we solve and determine how effective we are.

But if we’re leaving it up to other people to figure this stuff out, then they’re going to get it wrong. Or stay silent.

And that’s where you can say “bye bye” to your opportunity.

So let’s stop hiding out. Let’s stop worrying about rejection or being “pushy” or whatever excuse we may have for playing small. Let’s take responsibility.

What’s the story you would love to have us to tell about you when we’re sitting with your ideal prospect? Tell us that story. Tell us who you love to help, what problems you love to help them solve. Tell us about some of the outcomes you’ve helped others create.

If you’re not getting referrals or cool opportunities then take full responsibility and empower others to spread your message. Give them something they’ll be excited to share with others.

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