Coaching Practice: Why Great Coaches Go Broke, Too

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Below is a transcription of this podcast:

When I was much younger I was a musician in several bands trying to land a major label record deal (when it meant something). We’d rehearse and and rehearse and rehearse. Then we’d play for the record executives. They’d tell us how we were the best band — in terms of musicianship — in the room. But even though we were “the best” they wouldn’t offer us a deal.

I’ve worked with coaches who have magical abilities. They can effortlessly pierce through a client’s resistance and help that client show up as a badass. But even though these coaches are amazing at helping others, they struggle to build a thriving practice.

I used to think creating a successful endeavor was just about being really good at your craft. And it’s true that you’ve got to be good. But being “the best” at your craft really doesn’t mean squat.

It takes more.

Put two coaches side by side. Who am I betting on when it comes to building a thriving practice?

Is it the “best coach”? Nope.

I’m betting on the one who has learned how to create opportunities for himself, overcome his fears, get shit done, and manage his business well. I’ll take that coach any day over the “best” coach who can’t get out of his own way.

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