Jon Mitchell Functional Medicine

Are you out of alignment with your current profession but don’t know what you really want to do?

Do you believe that no matter how much you accomplish, you still need to be doing more?

And are you tired of looking to books and podcasts and others for the answers to your questions?

Today I’m joined by Jon Mitchell. He’s a coaching client of mine who a few years ago felt like he was on the wrong path in the medical industry. We’re going to talk about how we worked together to shift his mindset, own his inner authority, and take bold, consistent action. All of this has helped him become the thriving Functional Medicine Health Consultant that I trust to keep my body and brain operating at a high level.

In this interview:

  • Hiding out — not owning what we really want to do
  • Feeling out of alignment with our work
  • Feeling stuck in a situation because we’ve put too much time, energy, and money into it
  • Developing inner authority vs doing what we’re expected to do


  • Why we won’t allow ourselves to want something if it’s risky
  • There is no “sure thing”
  • Being willing to experiment to see what works
  • When morons let “optimization” make them weak
  • Dialing into what is essential


  • Creating your own opportunities
  • Finding the sweet spot for growth
  • Having a pro mindset
  • Comparing ourselves to others is deadly

Jon Mitchell helps folks with:

  • Chronic disease that conventional docs can’t seem to cure
  • Helping us optimize our bodies with the diet and practices that work for us individually

Referenced in this interview:

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Jon Mitchell is a certified Physician Assistant turned Functional Medicine Health Consultant. Jon works virtually with highly driven individuals to resolve their chronic health issues and optimize energy and mental clarity.

Click here to learn more about Jon Mitchell.