Jon Mitchell Functional Medicine

Are you settling for aches, pains, or low energy?

Do you use your appearance as a way to measure your health?

And would you treat your body differently if you were paid to do so?

Lebron James spends $1 million dollars per year on his health. What do you spend to ensure that your body doesn’t hold you back? Functional Medicine Health Consultant Jon Mitchell is here to challenge the dogmatic, cookie cutter approaches so that you can dial in the unique protocol that works best for your body.

In this interview:

  • Why so many are settling for aches, pains, and low energy
  • Why regular docs aren’t always the best resource
  • Why chasing your problem with supplements isn’t sustainable
  • Why cookie cutter diets don’t work for everyone
  • Erectile dysfunction as it relates to your health


  • Are you a liability to yourself, performance, and quality of life?
  • Why health is the vehicle for having the life you want
  • Peace of mind knowing that your body is on track
  • Playing the amateur or choosing to turn pro
  • Cutting through the noise of online experts and gurus and diets

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About Jon Mitchell

Jon Mitchell is a Functional Medicine Physician Assistant turned Health Consultant. Jon is a graduate of Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine and has worked in urgent care and addiction medicine before switching to Functional Medicine. He has also worked in pharmaceutical research, as an EMT, and an ER Tech.

When not working, Jon loves being outside, eating great food, and spending time with his three ladies — his wife, daughter, and dog.

More from Jon Mitchell’s webiste:

I was halfway through my medical education when it hit me.

Medical school was failing me.

I wanted to help people resolve their chronic health issues, but was instead taught the name it, blame it, tame it, game.

I learned how to put a name to a patient’s symptoms in the form of a diagnosis, blame the disease for how they were feeling, and tame their symptoms with a prescription.

I wasn’t healing my patients, I was managing symptoms.

And when the prescriptions didn’t work, we were taught to send our patients off to a specialist who would play the whole game all over again.

It was soul-sucking.

As someone who questions EVERYTHING, I couldn’t understand how my colleagues didn’t see that we weren’t really healing anyone.

So I began to search out clinicians who were getting amazing results for their patients and I soon discovered Functional Medicine. Functional Medicine works by recognizing that each person is unique and treating them as such. When practiced correctly, Functional Medicine is identifying all of the environmental, nutritional, mindset, and lifestyle factors that contribute to disease and resolving them.

It’s understanding that eating well is only a small piece of the health puzzle and that you cannot expect to feel amazing if you are staying up late staring at your phone, guzzling coffee, and spending your days indoors.

And while it took me a while to find other clinicians who understood this, I finally discovered a world-class mentor who’d been in the field for over 20 years. Through him, I learned how to leverage the body’s innate capacity to heal from all sorts of issues, from fatigue and brain fog, to gut issues and autoimmune conditions, and more.

I’ve come to understand that even though our world is constantly evolving and it feels like it’s hard to keep up with all of the new information and technology, the principles to achieving peak health stay the same.

And I will show you exactly how.

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