What’s wrong with meditation? — Alyson and Tripp Lanier

Is meditation a tool to help you be more productive or an ancient practice for expanding consciousness?

Is personal growth really just another way to escape the discomfort and uncertainty of life?

And can peace only be experienced once we’ve accomplish all of our goals?

Today my wife Alyson and I share another coffee date where we talk about what has drawn me into decades of spiritual practice. There’s the good and the not so good. So why do I keep doing it after all these years?

In this conversation:

  • Why has Tripp been a meditator for over 20 years?
  • Being a control freak to avoid vulnerability
  • Taoism, Buddhism, and Tai Chi
  • Ken Wilber
  • Goenka Vipassana Meditation retreats


  • The shadow side of spirituality
  • Seeking an escape from the BS of life
  • “Not everything my brain tells me is true.”
  • Accessing a deep state of peace
  • What the high achievers/biohackers are missing

Referenced in this conversation:

About Tripp Lanier

Tripp Lanier is a professional coach, author of This Book Will Make You Dangerous, and host of The New Man Podcast: Beyond the Macho Jerk and the New Age Wimp which — for over a decade — has been downloaded millions of times.

Since 2005, he has spent thousands of hours coaching people all around the world to get out of the rat race, become an authority in their field, and make a great living doing the work they were put on this earth to do. Over the years he’s designed several businesses to support a simple lifestyle focused on freedom, ease, meaning, and fun.

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About Alyson Lanier

Alyson Lanier is a multifaceted expert at the intersection of psychological and spiritual healing. With a 30 year career in Psychotherapy that includes a BA, MA, and LPC in psychology, Alyson supplemented her education with extensive training and certifications in attachment work, Gestalt therapy, Transpersonal psychology, Shambhala Buddhism, internal family systems, and Psychedelic assisted psychotherapy. Her professional journey encompasses over 50,000 hours of therapeutic experience working with individuals, couples, families, children, and adolescents across clinical and private settings.

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