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TNM 152: Marc Quinn – How to Stop Playing Small in Life

Comments Off 07 March 2014


Are you frustrated with your life and beating yourself up about it?

Is your need for a foolproof plan or strategy keeping you stuck?

And does your fear of what people might think have you playing small?

Marc Quinn was a New Man listener just like you. Stuck in a dead end job, he got sick and tired of bullshitting himself. He’s been on quite a journey and now — he makes a living focusing on women and their orgasms. Let’s see what he’s learned by stepping into uncertainty and following his passions.

In this interview:

  • How to stop playing small
  • How to start taking risks
  • Getting out of a dead end job
  • Getting over the fear of what others may think


  • The confidence that comes from knowing how to pleasure women
  • Dealing with porn addiction
  • How orgasmic meditation changed Marc’s life
  • Nicole Daedone and One Taste
  • How to stop bullshitting yourself and take action

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Podcast Episodes, Relationships & Sex

TNM 148: Marcus Ambrester – How to Stop Fighting with Your Wife or Girlfriend

Comments Off 03 December 2013


If you and your partner are fighting often, does it mean you’re with the wrong person?

Are you in this draining relationship because you truly love her or just because you don’t want to go through a break up and deal with the uncertainty?

And what are you doing on a daily basis to kill sexual attraction?

Pillars of Awesome Relationships author Marcus Ambrester is here to help you get out of a draining relationship dynamic and tell us what happened when he decided to knock down a Navy SEAL in his office.

In this interview:

  • Why you don’t need to tolerate so much frustration just to be with her
  • How to clear problems quickly instead of letting them pileup
  • How to keep the peace without being an asskisser
  • Clarify the prime directive of your relationship
  • What’s really driving the blame game
  • What she needs from you before she is open to sex

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Podcast Episodes, Relationships & Sex

TNM 147: Alyson Lanier – Understanding Women’s Emotions

Comments Off 06 November 2013


Do you tell the truth or do whatever you can to avoid your woman’s emotional storm?

Do you sometimes feel mystified by the things she complains about?

And is she your partner or some authority who decides if you can do this or that?

Therapist and relationship coach (and my wife) Alyson Schwabe Lanier is here to help us understand women’s emotions and give us some practical direction to use when things go from bad to worse.

In this interview:

  • Avoiding the truth to keep the peace
  • Why things can feel flat in a relationship
  • The damage from trying to fix her or her problems
  • Making her your authority or mommy
  • What she is seeking when she’s being emotional
  • Practical tips for avoiding a fight
  • Setting boundaries when she attacks

Click here to find out more about how Alyson helps men and women to make positive changes in their lives and relationships.

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