As most of you know, I’m taking a summer break from The New Man Podcast (even though I’m creating something kickass to unleash upon the world soon — stay tuned).

In the meantime I don’t want to leave you hanging.

Recently Ray Brejcha and I caught up on the phone (remember how Ray interviewed me on The New Man last summer?) and as usual we had a lot of laughs while managing to go pretty deep, too.

Anyway, in this chat we talk about Mel Gibson, rage and how all of us has that crazy sombitch inside (yes — ALL of us).

We also dive into Ray’s recent experiment, what he calls “Camp Solitude” and how it can help you:

  • Create more fun and adventure in your life
  • Become more creative and free of life’s “ups and downs”
  • Get through ANY life transition

Also in this talk:

  • More about Mel Gibson, rage, losing your “shit” and the dark side of a man’s emotional world
  • Why wine, masturbation and internet surfing is the equivalent to eating junk food
  • How feeling “alone” is a “f***ing story” and why it has men show up needy with women and also professionally
  • Discover how being on purpose and in relationships can actually be a burden, exhausting and get in the way of who you really are
  • Hear specific practices designed to handle any major life transition form a grounded and centered place
  • Discover the difference between “Solitude” and “Isolation” and why you should care?
  • And much more.

>> Just click here to listen now.

(This link will take you to Ray’s Red Pill site)