So yesterday I told you about The Nagging Asshole Critic. Despite his relentless 24/7 heckling, he fails to help anything get done.

We also discussed passion — the jet fuel for getting shit done. However, passion alone isn’t enough.

Think about all of those bleeding hearts out there screaming for us to “Save the Peaches!” or “Stop Global Spinning!” Sure, their horrific stories and images may invoke our passion, but ultimately little gets done.


  • Because we have no clear, simple direction about what to do.
  • Because the problem seems too big which turns excitement into fear.
  • Because good information doesn’t equal a clear plan of action.

So, our second component to following through is direction. A clear plan of action. A path for success.

“Do this, then this and then you’ll have that.”

And I’ll push this a little further and emphasize that the path needs to be easy. You want it to get done, right?

Hmmm — but how do we take a big change and make it easy?

You make it easy by breaking it down into tiny, manageable actions. Instead of raising the bar, you lower the bar. Think baby steps instead of one giant leap.

When we’re motivated and we have a clear plan of measurable action and (holy crap!) we can see that it’s totally doable we are much more likely to get this done.

But wait…

There’s a third component to make following through automatic. And I’ll discuss that one tomorrow.

Til then,


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