Please share this with your female friends! Thanks.

I was recently interviewed by the very lovely LiYana Silver for her Radiance Inner Circle series. She helps women have amazing, juicy relationships.

As part of her series, she wanted to hear from a “guy’s guy.” I had such a blast on this call and I’ve heard some great feedback in response.

In this recording we focused on helping the gals:

  • figure out why they keep attracting losers, macho jerks or wimps
  • what has a *quality* guy interested in you – or turn away
  • when it’s really (really!) not about you
  • when to be picky instead of settle
  • what makes you irresistible
  • when it’s okay to be a diva or a princess

You can listen using the player below.


Click here to download the recording.

And if you’d like to learn more about how I can help you ditch the losers and wimps, contact me here.

Again, please forward this to your female friends. Thanks!