Do you ever start a new habit only to feel like crap when you fall back into your old routine?

Do you think guys like Tim Ferriss or Tony Robbins or David Allen struggle to make new habits?

And what’s the easiest way to start and keep a meditation practice?

Whether it’s meditation or beating a sugar addiction, Lift app co-founder Tony Stubblebine is here to discuss what really works when it comes to building positive, long lasting habits.

In this interview:

  • Why do most efforts to start a new habit fail?
  • Why willpower is unreliable
  • How to harness the power of the elephant inside of you
  • How Tony manages his sugar addiction


  • How Tony started — and kept — his meditation habit
  • How to reduce the guilt you feel
  • Why lowering the bar for success creates success
  • The epic power of playing small


  • How the Lift app helped Tripp with his fundamentals
  • How you can start doing the (3) foundational practices Tripp recommends today

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About Tony Stubblebinetony-bio

Tony co-founded Lift on the idea that positive reinforcement and community support could be deployed universally to help people achieve their goals. Prior to Lift, he was the founder and CEO of CrowdVine Event Social Networks, which builds simple and powerful social software to help people connect and meet. He was part of the Wesabe launch team, Director of Engineering at and Engineering Lead for O’Reilly Media. He is the author of Regular Expression Pocket Reference (O’Reilly).