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Do you have an inner voice that’s rarely satisfied with your efforts?

Do you imagine you’d have to exhaust yourself in order to create what you really want professionally?

Well if so, listen to this coaching takeaway, and it’ll help.

Frank Was Killing Himself

My coaching client, Frank, left a high-dollar position in the banking industry to create his own gig. And, like most entreprenuers, he traded a job for a job. Except this time, the boss was himself, and he was a slave driver. Imagining freedom, relief and a finish line were just ahead, they all stayed out of reach. He was runnin’ out of gas, optimism and hope. In addition to feeling exhausted, he was constantly criticizing himself.

Frank was lodged in a classic fear-and-scarcity mindset. I call it Entrepreneur Burnout. He was convinced this was do-or-die. Life had become very narrow and serious. Fun? Forget it. Enjoyment? Forget it! It’s inspiring to witness grit, but this was not grit. This was idiocy. Frank was a dried-up sponge, expecting to magically wring out one more drop of precious water.

Why He Really Wasn’t Doing Enough

Through our discussions, we found out he wasn’t actually doing the things that made a difference in the areas that matter. He’d fooled himself into thinking he was being productive by simply being busy. Had he been truly productive, he’d feel relief and satisfaction. But why would a smart guy like Frank, or you, or me, work in such a dumb way? All of this busyness was driven by fear. The fear of failing, the fear of losing control, the fear of missing out, the fear of being embarrassed, the fear of being a loser.

When I work with guys like Frank, they usually believe their problem stems from not doing enough. But it’s actually the opposite. Their lack of productivity and fulfillment stems from blocking their ability to receive. You see, our success is a product of doing what feeds us, what fuels us and what invigorates us. These miserable guys are usually only doing what drains them. So how can we turn this around?

The 500 Pushup Test

If your life depended upon doing five-hundred pushups with good form, would you struggle to do them all in a row? Or would you take breaks, allow yourself to rest, and make sure your form was solid? If your life depended on it, you’d take those breaks and allow yourself to receive, to recover. And then you’d get back to work, focusing on what mattered. That’s a good idea, right? Well, fear craps out our good ideas it ate for breakfast. So I’m going to ask you to take some risks. To take action. Because that’s how we really learn – through experience.

Is it true that the world will end if you get more sleep? Get more exercise? Spend more time laughing with your friends? Lock up the phone and computer for the weekend? Play? Be creative? Is it true the world will end if you say “No!” to what’s draining you? The crappy food, the negative self-talk, the wheel-spinning?

Is There Really a Monster Under the Bed?

Like a kid who thinks there is a monster in the closet, go grab a flashlight and look for yourself! Take one small action. Try it out. Learn from experience instead of telling yourself the same scary stories. Most importantly, get over yourself. If you truly care about doing well, lighten up. Why? Because your creativity and your vitality and your problem-solving skills are all an extension of your sense of humor and your curiosity. Those are usually the first things out the window when fear takes over.

Besides, nobody makes it out of this lifetime alive. A wise man I once interviewed said, “We can not take this life so seriously. And I mean that seriously! Life is too serious to take too seriously!” Instead of being a pinball of fear, the men I coach get out of their own way. They create with real power and end up making an impact on the world. They stay focused on the purpose of experiencing the best that life has to offer. Fullfillment. Joy. Passion. Freedom. Love and peace. They do what they love and help others along the way.

What’s the Next Step?

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