Geoff Hanzlik – Conflict and Confrontation

What’s your way of dealing with conflict?

How can conflict open the door to creating a thriving business or marriage?

And what are the basic steps for engaging a conflict without pouring gasoline on the fire?

Geoff Hanzlik is here to discuss constructive ways to deal with conflict and how he plans to confront one of his neighbors later on today.

In this interview:

  • The basics for handling uncomfortable conversations
  • How to confront someone while minimizing escalation
  • The difference between conflict and combat
  • The basic styles of dealing with conflict – which one is yours?
  • How avoiding conflict is killing your business, marriage, and everything else you value
  • No More Mr Nice Guy by Robert Glover
  • How depression and anxiety are linked to avoiding conflict
  • How to tell when it’s time to have a difficult conversation
  • Why arguing about who is right or wrong doesn’t make anything better
  • Why listening to others makes you more powerful
  • How to have facilitate confrontations that actually solve the problem
  • How to add jetpacks to your relationships

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About Geoffrey Hanzlik, M.S.W.

conflict confrontation

Geoff Hanzlik discusses conflict and confrontation in relationships and work.

Geoffrey Hanzlik is an executive coach and psychotherapist who has accomplished breakthrough changes for hundreds of clients for the past 15 years. Geoff runs Tidal Coaching, LLC, his professional executive coaching practice specializing in authentic leadership for entrepreneurs, couples and professionals. Geoff mentors at Techstars, a start up accelerator based in Boulder, CO where he helps founders of start ups and executive teams develop powerful working relationships to increase overall efficacy. He runs Jonnysurfer, LLC with friend and colleague Jonathan Paskowitz, offering custom immersive surfing experiences around the world that combine surfing with executive/life coaching as a platform to enhance performance and team dynamics for visionary CEO’s and their teams, as well as individuals looking for a life changing adventure.

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