How to Deal with Nice Guy Syndrome

Does your partner want to solve problems or win arguments?

What can you do if you feel trapped in a relationship?

And how can you challenge your partner to step out of a victim mindset?

In today’s coaching call, I talk with a man who’s got business challenges, two daughters, and a divorce to finalize. He’s at a pivotal point in his life as a man, and in this conversation we choose to focus on the challenges he’s facing with his new girlfriend. We use his anxiety as a doorway to deal with nice guy syndrome. And we address his people pleasing in order to create a pathway to the wholeness and the relationship he truly wants.

Note: What you’re about to hear is an actual coaching call. The person being coached volunteered and gave explicit permission to have our conversation recorded for this podcast.

In this interview:

  • Nice Guy Syndrome
  • Feeling responsible for her emotions
  • Getting grounded and present
  • Stop trying to do relationship over text
  • Having a “high maintenance” partner


  • Being yourself vs playing a role to be liked
  • Being a leader in your life and relationship
  • Creating a vision for the relationship you want
  • Immaturity vs maturity in relationships
  • Being on the same page with your partner

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