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TNM 153: Greg Long – How to Come Back from the Dead

Comments Off 25 March 2014


sine-qua-non-video-imageAre you waiting to get your confidence up before trying something scary?

Do you feel like you need to hide your fears from yourself and the world?

And how does avoiding risk zap your energy and kill your enjoyment for life?

Big Wave World Champion Surfer Greg Long nearly drowned and then went Christmas shopping the very next day. While his body may have recovered quickly, his fears and confusion about living took a far greater toll.

In this interview:

  • What it’s like to drown in huge surf at Cortes Bank
  • What to do when you lose your fire
  • How to take the power away from our fears
  • Why the best preparation in the world won’t protect you from getting knocked around
  • Why avoiding risk and fear is killing you


  • How ego keeps us playing small
  • The trap of attaching our identity to what we do in the world
  • Getting stuck in jobs or relationships that don’t serve us anymore
  • Controlling our thoughts
  • Letting go of negative feelings

Click here to learn more about Sine Qua Non: The Psychology of Big Wave Surfing with Greg Long.

Photo credits: A-Frame Media (banner), Seth Migdail (bio)

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TNM 150: Dave Asprey – How to Bulletproof Your Life

Comments Off 03 February 2014


Could the food you’re eating be the reason why you’re in a pissy mood?

Is it true that you’ve gotta go to a therapist or do a bunch of meditation in order to get out of your funk?

Shop UpgradedSelf.comAnd are you falling into the trap of the personal development jackass — stressing out about what to eat and how to exercise?

Bulletproof Executive and biohacking badass Dave Asprey is here to tell you what he learned from being fat and pissed off to spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to upgrade his body, brain, and life.

In this interview:

  • How conventional diet and exercise are making you weak and angry
  • Why calories in/calories out is a trap
  • What your emotions have to do with your gut
  • Does bulletproof mean invincible?


  • Why dialing in your body is critical to living a big life
  • How to tell what your kryptonite is
  • Why biohacking could be the first step to happiness
  • How Dave’s coffee is taking over the world

Click here to learn more about Dave Asprey.

Below is a video of Tripp’s interview on Dave’s Bulletproof Executive Podcast.

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TNM 143: Fmr Navy SEAL Mark Divine – How to Develop an Unbeatable Mind

1 Comment 03 September 2013


Do your emotions keep you from having an unbeatable mind?

When the going gets tough, what keeps you from quitting?

And why is it so critical to have a clear sense of purpose in life?

Former Navy SEAL and SEALfit founder Mark Divine is here to discuss how to have an unbeatable mind and why real power comes from dropping the tough guy act.

In this interview:

  • The critical importance of having a sense of purpose
  • Why most guys fail when the going gets tough
  • You’re capable of 20 times more than you think you are
  • Where real power comes from

With regards to productivity:

  • How to gain greater focus, simplicity
  • When being more productive makes you weak
  • Stop blaming a lack of time, money, or resources for your failure


  • How surrender makes you stronger
  • How you become more powerful when you help others
  • How to face your fears


  • The destructive power of negative people, news, and thinking
  • Dealing with pain and negative patterns from your past
  • How being defensive makes you weaker

Click here to learn about Mark’s program at
Click here to check out

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